Lukas Feigelfeld

Lukas Feigelfeld

(*1986 in Vienna / Austria)

Lukas Feigelfeld is a director and editor currently based in Berlin. His work focuses mainly on narrative cinema, but also ranges from video art and music videos to commercial projects.

In 2007 he entered the German Film and Television Academy Berlin. 2010 he teamed up with the cinematographer Mariel Baqueiro to found the production office Retina Fabrik. 2016 he graduated from the filmacademy as a director with his 1st feature film Hagazussa.

Selection of his works:

2017: Hagazussa

2013: Interferenz - Mid

2011: Beton - Mid

2010: MEXICO - Short

2010: PILZ - Short

2008: STROM - Short

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