Enko Landmann

Enko Landmann

(*1962 in Floresti / Romania)

Landmann's movies are pieces of commercial or experimental nature. He is a true master in crossing the borders of film and setting new standards of viewing habits. Award-winning director Landmann unwaveringly refuses to be categorized as an artist. Questions about his intentions and motivation will remain unanswered. As a preserver of the movie theater culture he rather sends the people to the cinema.

Landmann lives in Frankfurt and Bucharest and works as a university teacher, author and under different pseudonyms as a director in several film productions.

Selection of his works as a director:

2021 tba: Werewolves of Rhode Island – A. Callery Tapes - Documentation

2013: Centerland - Exil am Rande der Zukunft (The Future Is Of The End)

1999: Epoxy (You Will Never Know The Truth)

1993: Heronimus Tachi (The World of Heronimus the Gambler) - TV

1986-1993: Nurse M. Witch I-V

1985: Epoxy Y

1984: Anomie Mai Tarziu (Anomie Later ?)

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